Error - Could Not Find android.jar For API Level 31 And Java SDK 11.0 .NET 6

As Visual Studio 2022 is the latest version in the preview stage, there are some common errors regarding the initial setup while creating a new MAUI project. The below errors are mainly targeted to new project build. 

Follow the below process.

Error 1 - Could Not Find android.jar For API Level 31

Select Tools -- Android -- Android SDK Manager.

Once after clicking, we will be getting a new android window, where it will download and install the required files for android. Then we can select the target framework. Select required API in the selected android version.


Error 2 - Error XA0031 Java SDK 11.0 or above is required when using .NET 6 or higher

If getting this error while building the project, run below commands in package console,

  • dotnet tool install -g Redth.Net.Maui.Check
  • Maui-check

A command screen will open up. Give Y command and it will automatically install all the required libraries for the application. Continue the steps until everything gets installed.

Error 3

dotnet workload update --no-cache --disable-parallel --from-rollback-file

This is a common error that will be generated while installing the Java Libraries.

Open a command prompt and run as admin give the following commands and we are good to go.

Follow the below steps,

  • dotnet workload search
  • dotnet workload install Maui
  • dotnet workload install Maui-android

These are common errors and their solutions while creating a project.

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