Excel Manipulation Using Spire.XLS

Excel manipulations like text alignment in horizontal or vertical direction, assigning bold and Italic fonts, rotation of text, and conversion of Excel files into PDF, or Image, or HTML are common practices these days. We need this kind of stuff regularly while working on Excel data. Hence, we always need easy and simple approach to achieve this. In this write-up, we will discuss about Spire.XLS which provides these functionalities in much simpler way.

I created a simple WPF application and installed "Spire.XLS" using NuGet Package Manager.


While installing "Spire.XLS", the dll related to Spire are added into solution and now we can use them.

Now, I am using Spire.XlS for loading an existing Excel file. From Excel workbook, we are extracting the first worksheet.

Now, we will manipulate the data and will apply text alignment in both directions, vertical and horizontal. We will apply text rotation and also, Italic and Bold fonts on different cells.

Finally, we will save the file into PDF and open it. You can save it as Image, Excel, or HTML as well.


Thanks for reading this blog. I hope, this will help you someday.

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