Favorite new technologies in SharePoint 2010

Michael Gannotti posted an interesting blog on his favorite new technologies in SharePoint 2010.
That got me thinking.. Well, it was a difficult choice - there are just so many to chose from.. So, here are my top 4 favorites from all the new technologies in SharePoint 2010:
  • Business Continuity Services - read/write feature, offline capability in the server and client-side, blob support, complex name support - the list goes on and I cannot wait to try these out :)
  • Access Services - In my experience, Access usage represents a vast user group, especially users who are technically savvy but not coders. So....Access, meet SharePoint. SharePoint - this is Access..
  • Powershell/Admin - Super powers for the admin - need I say more?
  • SQL PowerPivot - now we are talking about millions of lines of data and milliseconds in real life - Just wow!

What are you favorite new technologies - anything - not just SharePoint? Comment-on readers :)