Find Open Source Plugins For Xamarin

In this blog, you will learn about Open Source Plug-ins for Xamarin.

Community Provided Open Source Plugins

Plugins for Xamarin are community-built NuGet and Components that add cross-platform functionality or abstract platform-specific functionality to a common API. These are both completely cross-platform and extremely small (i.e., they do 1 or 2 things really well with minimal-to-no dependencies). The Plugin API can be accessed on each platform, however, you will most likely only use the common API in a Portable Class Library or Shared Code project.
Plugins for Xamarin featured here are produced by the amazing open source community of Xamarin developers. Xamarin does not provide official support for these plugins, please contact their creator with any issues.

Popular Plugins

Browse through the most popular plugins out there today!
Name Description NuGet Docs & Source
Audio Recorder Record audio on a device's microphone input. NuGet GitHub
Battery Status Gather battery level, charging status, and type. NuGet GitHub
Barcode Scanner Scan and create barcodes with ZXing.NET.Mobile. NuGet GitHub
Bluetooth LE Scan and connect to Bluetooth devices. NuGet GitHub
Calendar Query and modify device calendars NuGet GitHub
Compass Access device compass heading. NuGet GitHub
Config Define the settings of the application for each environment in which it will run. NuGet GitHub
Connectivity Get network connectivity info such as type and if the connection is available. NuGet GitHub
Cryptography PCL Crypto provides a consistent, portable set of crypto APIs. NuGet GitHub
Custom Vision Runs CoreML and TensorFlow models from on device NuGet GitHub
Device Info Properties about the device, such as OS, Model, and Id. NuGet GitHub
Device Motion Provides access to Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, and Compass. NuGet GitHub
Embedded Resource Unpack embedded resource cross-platform. NuGet GitHub
External Maps Launch external maps from Lat/Long or Address. NuGet GitHub
File Storage/File System PCL Storage offers cross-platform storage APIs. NuGet GitHub
File Picker Pick and save files. NuGet GitHub
File Uploader Upload files using multipart request. NuGet GitHub
Fingerprint Access Fingerprint sensor on iOS, Android, and Windows. NuGet GitHub
FFImageLoading Image loading with caching, placeholders, transformations and more NuGet GitHub
Geofencing Monitor regions when the user enters/exits. NuGet GitHub
Geolocator Easily detect GPS location of a device. NuGet GitHub
HTTP Transfers Download or upload files in the background. Provides speed metrics and estimates NuGet GitHub
iBeacon & Estimote Range and monitor Bluetooth beacons. NuGet GitHub
Identity document scanning Enable scanning of various identity documents in your app. NuGet GitHub
In-App Billing Make, Query, and get In-App Purchases and Subscriptions. NuGet GitHub
Lamp Access to LED NuGet GitHub
Latest Version Detect if your users are using the latest version of your app. NuGet GitHub
Local Notifications Show local notifications NuGet GitHub
Local Notifications Manage local notifications NuGet GitHub
Manage Sleep Manage auto sleep/auto lock. NuGet GitHub
Media Take or pick photos and videos. NuGet GitHub
Media Manager Playback for Audio and Video. NuGet GitHub
Messaging Make a phone call, send SMS, and send e-mail NuGet GitHub
Microsoft Band Connect and communicate with the Microsoft Band from shared code! NuGet GitHub
Multilingual Plugin Simple cross-platform plugin for handling language localization. NuGet GitHub
Permissions Easily check and request runtime permissions. NuGet GitHub
Portable Razor Lightweight implementation of ASP.NET MVC APIs for mobile. NuGet GitHub
Push Notifications Cross-platform iOS and Android Push Notifications. NuGet GitHub
Secure Storage Provides secure storage for key-value pair string data NuGet GitHub
Settings Simple & Consistent cross-platform settings API. NuGet GitHub
Share Easily share text, links, or open a browser. NuGet GitHub
Sensors Device sensors - accelerometer, ambient light, barometer, compass, device orientation, gyroscope, magnetometer, pedometer, and proximity NuGet GitHub
Sockets TCP & UDP Listeners and Clients + UDP multicast. NuGet GitHub
Speech Recognition Speech to Text. NuGet GitHub
Simple Audio Player Play multiple MP3 or wave files from a shared library. NuGet GitHub
Store Review Ask for store review or launch the app store page. NuGet GitHub
Text To Speech Talkback text from shared code. NuGet GitHub
Toast A simple way of showing toast/pop-up notifications. NuGet GitHub
User Dialogs Message box style dialogs. NuGet GitHub
Version Tracking Track which versions of your app a user has previously installed. NuGet GitHub
Vibrate Vibrate any device. NuGet GitHub
Device Orientation Plugin to work with screen orientation (change and lock) NuGet GitHub
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