Glow Effect For Player Object Using Gdevelop


The following blog  demonstrates developing Glow Effect using “Gdevelop” IDE. The game development can be done by using several tools such as construct-2, Game maker, godot engine, etc. But what's amazing is, the development of the glow effect scene will use an open source game development environment.


“Gdevelop” Software Environment version 4.0 (Free).

Windows 8.1, 10 (recommended).

Creating a native application

The application that is being developed using this kind of native environment works with both Linux and Windows platforms.

For creating a native application, select->project->new-> native platform-> empty project->create the new project.

Inserting Light Object

With the help of scene condition window, we can insert a light object that represents the moving of the light object with sequence movement of the player.

For inserting an object, right click->in scene condition window and a dialog box will appear. 

Got to select->insert a new object-> and add the light object in the object type dialog box and click OK.
After inserting a new object, we can see the list of the objects that has been addded in the right side of the window using Objects Editor.

Change Light Properties

In the current situation, let’s take a look and explain about the inserted light object property. It is being changed when we inserted in the scene condition. Right-click on the light object and a property window will appear. We can change the conditions as per our need that is predefined by default, such as light color and radius and click->ok.

Event Conditions

As per my previous article,  I explained that the scene window represents the insertion of the object and the event conditions represent the working principle of the object. Here, the event condition represents the moving of the light as per the player's moves.

For that, switch -> event tab->add an event->new scene condition window->events here the event is represented as sub event.

By clicking the sub event a new window will appear for editing a condition and select->platform behavior and expand it and select the sub condition as->is moving and insert the objects with its behavior ->click->ok.


So far we have finished the behavior condition of the object and the event conditions can be shown as shown below


Now we are going to add the camera for the player movement, representing the following of the  of movement of the player and the light objects will follow, it's like tracking the movement of the player and movement of the light object with the player.

The upcoming condition represents the insertion of the player by clicking the center of the camera on the object

click->new object and click->choose.

Providing the position of the player object

Now we are going to provide an expression to the player object, and later we can provide an action of the object. First of all we are now going to provide an expression as->X position of the object from the position conditions.

Click->down arrow icon from editing the action window and a dialog box will appear, select ->X position and the condition will be displayed in the dialog text box ->ok.

Hence the player object position is done and configured and we can see that from the following dialog box 


I hope this blog will be useful for representing a basic light object movement according to the movement of the player using open source game development engine. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.