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This blog is for the beginners in programming, in any language. Getting good and correct results on Google is a differential to get a job or a position in a company. Every generation and every person makes searches in their own way. The way of googling of older people is different from boys and girls. This is commonly said that boys and older generation like to search by keywords while girls look for a complete sentence.

I have no shame to say that I learned how to search by sentences from my twelve years old niece. She was looking for oceanography, some information that I don't remember. And I, from the top of my knowledge, told her to use keywords like we used to do. But it got no good results so she did that again with a sentence about the subject. And bingo (not Bing ;)), she found a good result.

As time goes by, I see that search for keywords isn't a good idea. I see that I was right when I did a Social Media Analyst course in SENAC-RS and observed that when the teacher was googling about the subject, I always found first and the best results.

So, I decided to share here my mind "script". Let's take a sample from a real search that I made last year. GOOGLING: "postback on form does not refresh radgrid ajax c# telerik".

Let's do a dissection from this sentence that I googled.

    Here is the sample for this POST, "postback on form do not refresh"; Problem that I was getting.

    1. ACTION: postback
    Here, postback is the action that generates the problem.

    2. WHERE: on form; 
    the place where was occurring the problem.

    3. WHAT: do not refresh;
    what should occur and what not.

  2. OBJECT NAME: "radgrid";
    The name of the control, object, frame, etc. that holds the MAIN PROBLEM.

  3. PLATFORM: "";
    What is your platform? iOS, ASP.NET, Android, .NET Core, etc.

  4. TECHNOLOGY: "ajax";
    What is the main technology in your MAIN PROBLEM

  5. LANGUAGE: "C#";
    The language that you are using, Python, VB.NET, HTML 5 (I know that is a protocol, but), ...

  6. PROVIDER: "telerik";
    This is the creator of your control (2 OBJECT NANE).

Let's talk a little bit about each item.

    Is what is going wrong, not working, not doing what it should do.

    1.1, 1.2 e 1.3) ACTION, WHERE, WHAT: Not always so easy like this is the sample, that has a good difference between ACTION, WHERE e WHAT. If you as looking for a specific error you can search for initial, if it is too long, the id if it has or a resume.

    In another word is that that you are getting difficulties and you need to explain to google as it was a regular person.

    Not often we have an object in good evidence but I suggest use: button, grid, table, row, form, window, etc.

    Use your main technology. Exemplo: WinForms, XAML, ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, etc.

    This is optional, for like: ASP.NET AJAX e ASP.NET MVC, or tech has different branches. It can be too the name of technology inside your platform: ActiveX, Script, Desktop, Web, etc.

    Is optional, but a good filter.

    How I use Progress Telerik, this key is good for others components or technologies what has similar in other ones, as Grid could be from Microsoft or Telerik.

If you are not an English native but have the knowledge, I suggest you googling in English even if the question is about your own country. Often, the forums around the world are in English, so the base is bigger. If better, then search in 44.000 verbs conjugations in Portuguese.


Google gets smarter as much as you use it and learns your way of googling if it recognizes that you are you. So, log in yourself on any social network before googling.

Maybe the same search does not work equally for you and your colleague. So, this way of searching will become better giving time to it.

See the result I got and compare with yours and leave a comment if it is equal or not.

Google: "postback on form do not refresh radgrid ajax c# telerik".

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