How To Be 20 Years Old Again, Or Never Get Old

I’m 43 years old but I feel like a 20 year old.


Since I was 17 years old, I never stopped learning new things, new languages, learning about everything, and spending a lot of time reading.

From 1997 to 2010, I mainly worked with Visual Basic 6.0 and in 2011, I did take a developer course to learn Web Programming using ASP.NET C#, Microsoft 2310C.

I was not new to web programing, I had already programmed in ASP classic. In 2008, I did an e-commerce program to sell tickets based on a source code from ISP, validated with QRCode on Smartphones. I worked with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML with help through Saint Google but knew most of the concepts.

But when I did learn C# and ASP.NET, I felt like I was 20 years old. My brain got renewed. Yes, I fely some pain because of age, but my mind was again new and refreshed.

I never stopped learning, even when I was designing ActiveX, I learned other technologies. I waited too long to start programming .NET C#, launched in 2001, but in VB 6.0, I created more than 1.000 ActiveX (but this is another story). I learned many things about how ActiveX works in the background and understand the .NET was a piece of cake. I just needed to learn how to code in C#. I see .NET Framework as an evolution from old .DLL's hell, and I burned in this hell. Today, we have other hells to fight against (another story).


If you can, wait until the version 3.0 of a technology comes out, to start working with it. This is my best advice to you.

Before version 3.0, there are a lot of bugs and many things change from version 1 to 2 (See C# history). But if you need to use it, learn about its infrastructure and learn about concepts.

Read as many books as much as you can. Those will help you with a full study of whole technology in a coherent way, not like some parts that you catch on the Internet.

And from time to time spend time studying everything new, try new tecnologies from all areas (don't panic to rewrite from zero the old systems, as I did it, it's always the best way to start), learn the concepts. You will find the scripts to code using Google and StackOverflow.