How To Create A Shared Data Source In SSRS 2016

In this blog, we will discuss how to create a shared Datasource in SQL Server Reporting Services 2016. Shared datasource is a collection of the datasources that can be used in multiple reports, report models, and subscriptions etc. We can create shared date source and run on the Reporting Service into Report Server.


We should have some basic knowledge of SQL Server Query and Visual Studio Tool for creating an SSRS Report using Visual Studio 2015.

  • SQL Server Basic Query
  • Visual Studio 2015

How to create a shared Datasource using Wizard

After creating an SSRS Project successfully, go to "Shared Data Source" folder, right-click on it, and point to Add -> New Item and click the New Item. 

The Shared Data Source window will open. Click the "Edit" button.


The "Connection Properties" window will open. Type Server name, select Authentication, Username, Password, Select or Enter a database name, and finally you can check the database connection success, followed by clicking the "Test Connection" button. Then, click the OK button.


The Shared Data Source window will open. Select the new data source, connection string, and click the OK button.

After creating new data source file, you can see the shared data source folder structure, as shown in the below screenshot.

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