How To Create A Web App In Azure

Here are the steps to create Web App in Azure:

  • Login to the management portal.

  • Click on New, Web + Mobile, then Web App. Here's the screenshot:

  • Enter the Link you want and then click on Create as shown below:

  • Wait for couple of minutes and let the web app successfully deploy. After deployment succeeds, a box shown as below appears automatically and click on the link  to go to the link that you have deployed:

  • Then you will be redirected to the link that you deployed in your browser and the content on the particular page is shown as below:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have succesfully created a web app in Azure. Now to deploy the custom website files and pages in Azure through FTP, go through the link below:
  • Deploying A Website In Azure via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
To deploy the website through WEB MATRIX, please wait for my next blog.