How to Create a New Xamarin Project in Visual Studio on Mac


Hey folks, today we will see how to create a new Xamarin project in Visual Studio on Mac.
The following steps are given below:
Click on “New” to create a new Project.
Go to "Multiplatform" and then  Select >>"App". Then select "Blank Forms App" and click on "Next".
Give the app a name  
Check Android and iOS in the target platform.
Select “Use.NET Standard” in Shared Code section.
Click on “Next”.
Make sure to check your “Project Name” and “Solution Name”.
Chose the location where you want to store your project by clicking on “Browse”.
Click on “Create” to create a project.
Congratulations! You have just created a new Xamarin project.
In the next blog, I will be discussing the “Folders Architecture” in Xamarin Project.
So that’s it for now see you soon Thank you!
Happy Coding!