How To Find The Best CDN Solution

Bandwidth needs

Exactly what are your bandwidth needs? Are you going to use 50GB/month or 50TB/month? CDNs charge by GB moved (in most cases). If you're just supplying a small amount of website traffic, iyou may not need to buy CDN solution. You could be able to get away with upping your existing host company from a shared environment to a specialized environment. Maybe it's time to transfer to a business course webhosting, rather than that $5/month service provider you're making use of currently.


It doesn't make good sense to pay a Tier 1 CDN thousands of bucks a year to supply four video clips. If you're having so many troubles with your video clip or software program downloads, then consider the source as well as repair it!

When you are delivering  500GB/month it begins to make sense to off tons that hefty training to use a CDN. By now, you are getting thousands of demands monthly or perhaps each second and your single internet server in one data center won't be able to stay up-to-date with the traffic.

Certainly when you are correcting 1TB/month of static web content shipment, you must utilize a CDN. This will certainly guarantee your videos, podcasts, music, images, documents, as well as software application downloads are getting to your customers rapidly as well as successfully.

Network Efficiency

All CDNs big and small state that they have the best network! There are essentially three kinds of CDNs: Web based, Peering/Private based, and also Peer to Peer (P2P).

About the only Web based CDN is Akamai. Akamai has hundreds of servers all over the place. Then using some fancy formulas, they course web traffic from 1 PoP to the next getting your material into the foundation of exactly the ISP your end user is on. They then cache the material to the closest PoP so the next person in that region/ISP has the web content currently near to them. Clearly, this method works as Akamai is the biggest CDN on the world and flaunts the most clients.

A peering/private CDN is one that puts servers in regionalized PoPs around the globe. After that in those PoPs they peer with, or directly get in touch with as many ISPs and backbones as they can. After that when a person requests a piece of content, the data is provided straight from the CDN throughout the user network as well as they are able to by-pass the Internet entirely, for the most part. Many various other CDNs utilize this version. Spotlight Networks is the most effective in this configuration. They have an exclusive fiber backbone too to move web content from Origin Server to PoP. Other CDNs who follow this model are Panther, EdgeCast, Level3, CDNetworks, as well as others.

Finally, the concept of P2P is fascinating. Just have all content customers work as a PoP and also reproduce the content around the world. There's little or no facilities expense and theoretically you can get your material on any ISP on the planet. P2P has its area, but as a way to supply mission critical and also revenue producing material, this method should be prevented.

As a side note, there are Crossbreed CDNs who employ P2P as well as Peering/Private methods. These are fascinating, nonetheless for safe and secure delivery, using a P2P is less desirable as your material will end up on hundreds to thousands of private computer systems with little or no control over who gets access to it.

Modern technology

Does your CDN assistance bring the innovation you call for? All CDNs will certainly deliver content using HTTP Progressive download. But does your CDN assistanceinclude real Flash Streaming (RTMP), real Windows Media Streaming (MMS, RTSP), Quicktime or Actual Media streaming? Exactly what concerning Flash Live or Windows Media Live? Can they do MP3 Live? Do they have a Token Based Verification secure LINK item? Can they do pseudo-Flash streaming? Do they have any special services for HD shipment? What regarding a mobile CDN system? Is it very easy to obtain content to the CDN?

Finally, what about their analytics? Do they use top quality analytics? Is it easy to use? Does it reveal a number of demand each object? Is there a material monitoring item? Do they provide Geo-Reporting? Can you get raw logs?

Other products and services

What else can your CDN of choice provide for you? Do they have an expert services department? Can they help with money making? Do they provide encoding/transcoding? What regarding digital rights administration (DRM)? Do they use a real-time occasion tracking solution? Is there a content administration system or digital possession management system available? Does your service include embeddable media players? Can they cache entire website? Do they sustain shopping or buying carts?

Support:  What kind of support can your CDN offer?

Request for the variety of the helpdesks as well as being able to call it. How rapidly did they address your question? Did you reach an individual or simply get a voice mail? Is email support available? Do you have accessibility to technological workers during the integration stage? Whom do you call if you have a question about your costs? Does your CDN also use assistance? Exactly what happens if you call during the off hrs? Exactly what does their Service Degree Contract look like? The majority of CDNs supply a 100% SHANTY TOWN, however just what does that truly mean and how do you obtain credit if they do not meet their SLA?

Contracts Does your CDN call for an annual contract?

Do they offer a month-to-month contract? Are they asking you to commit to a minimal quantity of loan monthly whether or not you make use of that much? What occurs if you go over your amount, how much is that going to cost you? Can you pay with a bank card? Do you need to pay with a bank card?


What length of time has your CDN been in business? Are they moneyed by financial backing? Do they have massive quantities of arrearage? Are they facing an unclear legislation suite by a competitor? Just how much money do they have in the financial institution? Over the past YEAR there have been some significant relocations in the CDN comparison market. There have been a variety of players who have just about disappeared. There have been some purchases and mergers, and also some significant players are hemorrhaging money so much that they might not be around in the next YEAR. Beware concerning placing content on an iffy CDN. Study them separately as well as see if they have actually had any kind of significant complaints or extreme blackouts.

Expense Notice cost is at the bottom of the checklist?

This is due to the fact that cost should not be your leading problem. You will discover significant distinctions in price from CDN to CDN. Anticipate paying anywhere from a few cents per GB as much as over $1 each GB. There are a number of aspects that will dictate just what you pay. Don't expect to obtain the same prices that a huge company like Netflix will certainly obtain when you are passing 200GB/month. Your price will certainly be based upon how much website traffic you pass. The more you pass, the less expensive the cost will be. Additionally, most of the other things discussed above will certainly factor in your expense.

If the CDN you make a decision to opt for is as expensive or is requesting even more dedication than you want, ask them if they have resellers you could deal with. Usually these resellers could use far better terms. You might pay even more each GB than going straight with the CDN, but you might only pay for what you utilize. Additionally be careful that going with a reseller could limit you to that reseller. You may not be able to phone the CDN directly for support. You may also just get basic reporting with a reseller rather than the full impact analytics package used by the CDN.

Final thought

Take into consideration all these variables when determining which CDN to select. The biggest variable is how much website traffic are you most likely to pass. You could enjoy driving that Lexus, yet you could still reach work in your Toyota. Choose a CDN that fulfills your demands as well as fits your budget.