How to Get Free Azure Credits ($500) for 1 Year

Get Free Azure Credits

Most of us are aware of the free Azure credits provided by Microsoft via the website which provides $200 credits. It may differ in your local currencies.

If you are going take benefits of free azure credits of $200 using the website then it’s only for one month. It is good if you are doing business so you can gea  trial for one month and you host multiple things for a month and you can make the decision that of with whom you want to go for cloud service.

But what about developers? We may not require $200 for 1 month but S20 to $30 per month for an annum

That is why Microsoft thought about the developers who works on Azure and do the different types of hosting for learning purposes but again that benefit cannot be provided for business. So Microsoft introduces this benefit with “Visual Studio Dev Essentials” in which we can take benefits of $25 azure credit per month for one year. One better thing of this Azure credit is that it can be used with other Azure free or paid credits.

If you are interested in this benefit you can follows the below steps to get the free Azure credits:

Visit the website. You may be asked for login if you are not already logged in with Microsoft account.

Visual Studio Dev Essentials

Click on Join now. It will ask for some more information e.g. name, country, email Id etc. refer the below image for details.


Enter your details and click on Continue. Now it will redirect you to a new page in that page you will find the Azure credits in a new section. Refer to the below image


Click on Activate. It will ask for login once again, then redirect to a new page. Here it will ask for more details, verification and credit cards details; go through that and finally you get a $25 Azure credit per month for one year, i.e., a $300 per year, along with that if you wish you can also use $200 azure credits for one month. So finally you have $500 azure credits in your account absolutely free.

Now if you are thinking that how to start with Azure then you can go through the article ,

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