How To Install Xamarin Update For Visual Studio

Let`s get started.


  • Open Visual Studio 2015, go to Tools menu and select Options submenu. It will open up a dialog Window, as shown below-


  • Search for Xamarin, using the search bar (Ctrl+E). Search result will display the options, given below-

    result will display

  • Select the Other option from the search result. It will display the panel, given below-

    search result

  • There are three channels available for update, which are-

    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • Stable

  • Keep the default Stable channel and click on Check Now button. It will check for the updates. If there is an update, it will pop up another Window to download and install the update. If there is no update available, it will display a message “Xamarin for Visual Studio is up to date!”

Note - After downloading Xamarin Update for Visual Studio, first close Visual Studio and install the update.

Conclusion - In this blog, we talked about how to check and install Xamarin Update for Visual Studio 2015. I hope, you enjoyed reading the blog.