How To Start With SharePoint Online As A Fresher/Beginner Level


In this article, I will try to cover how one can start to learn SharePoint Online.

Here I will provide list of topics that would be covered while we are learning SharePoint Online.

Most of the people who are new in SharePoint have always a question in their mind how to start with SharePoint? Which topics need to be learned to start a SharePoint.

Here I have tried to figure out all the topics which can be useful to learn SharePoint for beginner.


This articles cover topics for fresher level. SharePoint is a very huge product. I have only focused latest SharePoint Online topics .Every organization have different requirements so may be some topics will be missed.Here I have to figure out most generalized requirements. 

Step 1 [ Begin with SharePoint ]

When a word SharePoint came in our mind it always has a question – Which are the prerequisites to be installed in our Local machine?

Well, we can set up SharePoint on premise as well as Online.

But as a beginner I prefer you to start with SharePoint Online.

Recently Microsoft Release Dev Program. Using Microsoft Dev Program, you will get a Office 365 [SharePoint Online] license for one year.

I have prepared a video on How to create a SharePoint Online License using Office Dev Program. Visit video using a URL

So, Now First step – Environment set up has been completed.

With this Office 365 one year license you will get Office Development Kit with Microsoft Office, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Online PowerShell, Windows PowerShell .

You must have to install latest version of Office after login in Office 365 Account.

Step 2 [Beginner]

Learn following topics using MSDN articles, C# corner articles or anywhere from Google.

My own YouTube Channel Learn2ALL which has so many videos of SharePoint but it doesn’t have a complete series. I am planning to design a complete course very soon.

Topics to start with,

  1. What is SharePoint?
  2. History of SharePoint?
  3. SharePoint Online vs SharePoint On-Premise
  4. What is SharePoint Farm Hierarchy?
  5. What is Site Collection?
  6. What is Sites and Subsites in SharePoint?
  7. SharePoint Admin Center Overview
  8. Out of The Box (OOTB) site Templates available in SharePoint Online

So, by learning above topics you will get a basic idea of what SharePoint is and why to use SharePoint.

Step 3 [Beginner]

  1. Create First Site using Team Site Template
  2. Types of Apps available in SharePoint
  3. Overview of Site Contents
  4. List and Libraries overview
  5. Types of List available in SharePoint Online (OOTB List) [Ex: Custom List, Calendar List, Quick links,]
  6. List and Library Settings overview
  7. Versioning in SharePoint Document Library
  8. Types of Column available in SharePoint List and Library
  9. Views in SharePoint
  10. Calendar List in SharePoint
  11. Calendar Overlays in SharePoint
  12. Subsite in SharePoint

So, by learning above topics you will get basic idea of SharePoint Lists and Libraries.

Step 4 [Beginner]

  1. Site Columns and Content type in SharePoint
  2. Permissions Management in SharePoint.
  3. Permission Levels in SharePoint
  4. Site Level Permissions
  5. Document Level Permissions
  6. SharePoint People and Groups Overview

Step 5 [Intermediate]

  1. Various types of Pages available in SharePoint Online
  2. Master Pages and Page Layouts
  3. Design custom master page and Page Layout
  4. Navigation available in SharePoint Site.
  5. Managed Metadata navigation using Term Store

Step 6 [Intermediate]

  1. Web part and App Part in SharePoint?
  2. OOTB web part available in SharePoint
  3. Custom Web Part Development using JSlink and JSOM

Step 7 [Intermediate]

  1. Overview of Info Path Forms
  2. Info Path Forms development in SharePoint

Step 8 [Intermediate]

  1. Overview of Workflow in SharePoint
  2. SPD Workflow

Step 9 [Intermediate]

  1. Types of Search available SharePoint
  2. Configure Search with site
  3. Basic search vs Advanced search\
  4. Power of Term Store in SharePoint

Step 9 [Advanced]

  1. Analyze different approaches for SharePoint Development
  2. SSOM, CSOM and JSOM, Rest Model
  3. APP Model in SharePoint,

    1. SharePoint Hosted App
    2. Provider Hosted App

  4. SharePoint Framework [SPFx]


I hope now you will get an idea how to start with SharePoint Online.

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