Learn PHP (Personal Home Page)- Day 1

Web application – There are two types of web application
  1. Static - This type of web application generally made by HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT.
  2. Dynamic - This type of web application made by HTML, CSS, Programming language (PHP,ADV. JAVA, .NET)

Web application architecture :


- Php is an open source (no need to pay money to any single organization) server side scripting language use to develop dynamic web application.

Php is developed by ‘Rasmus lerdorf’ in 1994.

Earlier 1998 Php known as "personal home page".

After 1998, ‘zeev suraski’ & ‘andi gutman’ rewrite the Php code.

After 1998 Php known as according to its property.

PHP - HyperText pre processor

Minimum h/w requirement for Php -

  • Processor - p3 and upper
  • Ram -128 mb

Minimum s/w requirement for Php:

  • Operating system - windows, mac, linux etc (any one)
  • s/w - php
  • server - Apache, tomcat, iis (any one)
  • database - mySql, oracle, db-2 etc (any one)
  • editor- notepad, dreamweaver (any one)
  • browser - firefox, chrome, safari, IE (any one)

Note - due to open source environment all Php co-related software are free so it will be available as a compact solution. Like:

  • WAMP (work only with windows)
  • MAMP (work only with mac)
  • LAMP (work only with linux)
  • XAMPP (work with all)

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