Lookup Columns In SharePoint List

Let’s Start this Article by Understanding what Lookup Column is.

What is SharePoint Lookup Column?

The "Lookup" column in a SharePoint list is a type of column that allows you to create a relationship between two lists.

Let's say you have a list of employees and a list of departments. You can create a "Lookup" column in the employees list that links to the department's list. This allows you to view and filter the employees by department easily.

What's the need for a Lookup Column?

It allows us to establish relationships between two lists, making managing and organizing data easier.

It helps in achieving the following things,

  • Reduce data redundancy
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Simplify data entry
  • Make it easier to analyze data

Overall, the Lookup column is a powerful tool that can help you to streamline your data management processes, improve data accuracy, and make it easier to analyze your data.

Let's Understand more by Creating

First, we will create a SharePoint List named 'Employee' and will add columns as follows,

List Name- Employee


  • Employee No- Single Line text
  • Name- Person or Group
  • Date Of Birth- Date and Time
  • Designation- Choice.

Lookup Columns in SharePoint List

Now Let's Create another list named 'Department' and add columns as follows,

List Name- Department


  • Employee ID- Lookup Column and Configure the Properties below to Link to the Employee List and Employee ID column in Employee List.

Lookup Columns in SharePoint List

  • Name- Name of the Department (Single Line of text)
  • Head of Department- Person or Group

If there are existing records in the Employee List, we can choose the Employee ID from a dropdown menu when creating new records in the Department List.

Lookup Columns in SharePoint List

So this is how we can Link the two lists in SharePoint using the Power of Lookup Columns.

Now when Opening the Employee ID from the Department List, we can see all the details of that Employee in one place.

Lookup Columns in SharePoint List

Lookup columns in SharePoint can be used to filter, sort, and select data by allowing users to search for and display data from a related list based on specific criteria, which can help streamline data retrieval and analysis processes.


In conclusion, Lookup columns in SharePoint List are a powerful tool for organizing and connecting data across multiple lists. By allowing users to reference data from one list to another, 

By leveraging the power of Lookup columns, organizations can unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity in their data management processes.

Hope you get the Concept of Lookup Columns in SharePoint List.

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