Me And My MVP Journey

This year, I received 2 most precious emails. One from Microsoft, stating that I have been awarded the prestigious Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies, for the second time, and another email from C# Corner stating that I have been awarded MVP for the third time.

My two little kids (Afraz and Afreen) holding Microsoft MVP award and the Ring.

I need to tell this to you all. This year Microsoft MVP award is more special. Yes, this time Microsoft CEO “Satya Nadella” signed on the MVP award.

Thank you Microsoft, India MVP Lead Deepak Rajendran, Gandharv Rawat, Biplab Paul, and the entire Microsoft Team for considering me for Microsoft MVP award.

Thank you C# Corner, Mahesh Chand, Dinesh Beniwal, Praveen Kumar, Manish Tewatia, Atul Gupta, and the whole C# Corner team for considering me for Microsoft MVP award.

My journey to become a MVP

I started my contribution in the midddle of 2013. When I started contributing, I was not aware of MVP or any other benefits or awards. During 2013, I first published my article about a WinForm tool which will be used to generate a Barcode label design. I didn’t expect that article to reach thousands of views and lots of downloads, and lots of good feedbacks from the readers. I was so surprised to see this and started contributing my articles. I feel happier when my article is useful to someone and helps someone to solve their problems. This gives me new energy inside and I start feeling how worthwhile it is to spend my time in useful ways to help others. There is a fact - as if you feel something good by doing new things, you can't stop it and you like to do that more and more to feel the same all the time in your life. I had the same feeling from mid of 2013 to now when I’ve been continuing my contributions.

Main Benefit I got from contributing

We can learn and teach, we can imrpove our writing and thinking skills, we can learn new technology and stay up to date with the current market. From my first contribution I got the main benefit as I started learning new things then doing the usual things. This means the usual things or our regular work, like working for projects and doing the same thing again and again for different projects, but when I started contributing,I started searching for new innovative things and also started learning new technology which I’m not using in my regular work. In our work project sometimes we won’t get the opportunity to work with new technology . But when we start contributing we can learn and teach the new technology, this gives me more confidence about myself as I’m up-to-date with new technology.

Whenever I plan to write  an article, I will plan to my contribution areas to be different and unique from other regular contributions. I like to do new and different things and also love to work with challenges. If you ask me what makes your contributions unique ,then the answer to this question is to see a few of my articles ,which iare  different and have innovative ideas.

Each time I start working on my article, I think as if this is my first article and I need to be more different and useful for others. And most of my articles won the medals and were featured in the community.

I started my contribution from mid 2013 and received my first MVP award from Code Project in Dec 2014. I received my first C# Corner MVP award in July 2015. Since that time until today, I have received the MVP award three times from C# Corner and also from Code Project.

I received my first Microsoft MVP award during July 2016. After 3 years of contribution I received my first Microsoft MVP award and this year I received my second Microsoft MVP award.

Totally I have received e C# Corner and Code Project award three times and  Microsoft MVP award twice. Why I’m telling you this is when I started contributing, I’m wasn't aware of MVP, I’m not contributing the articles for awards but for my own satisfaction. The community recognizes our work and honors us with  prestigious MVP awards.

December 14,  2015 is one more important day as I was interviewed in Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninja by ED Price. Interview with a Wiki Ninja, Author, and .NET Expert: SYED SHANU

Nov 6 -10,  2016 is one more important and memorable time as I visited the Microsoft office in Redmond, Seattle for Microsoft MVP summit. I got a chance to meet many C# Corner friends at Microsoft MVP Summit and we had such a great time with lots of fun and discussion.

Don’t stop till bored and retired

The true contributor never runs after awards and rewards. They will contribute for own self satisfaction and also love to help -- in the sense of knowledge --  others. If someone ask me for money support or for job support ,I will run away from them (just kidding). There are lots of legends here many of them have 25 years,15 years,10 years of experience, and are MVP award winners ,if you ask them all, they will answer you the same way, that they are more happy to contribute for community in useful way and also love to teach their little known knowledge to others.

If you have money and other assets you can save for yourself and hide that from others. But when you have knowledge and experience don’t save for yourself and don’t hide that from others. Your knowledge is not for you, it’s for others. Lots of freshers and beginners here from around the world are looking for the correct path and looking for lots of solutions for their questions. Your small  contribution can help and save lots of peoples' time.

From mid  2013 I have been contributing a minimum of one article  each month. If I didn’t contribute an article for a month, I feel as if I'm missing something in my life. Even if I didn’t get my MVP award, I would not stop contributing till I am bored A small request to other contributors --  if you didn’t receive an MVP awards or if your MVP award was not renewed from the community then don’t stop contributing. Continue your service as lots of people need your valuable guides, articles, answers, solutions and lectures. Keep on doing your good works until you're retired or bored.

One important thing I forgot to tell you is during our contributions sometimes we will be getting negative feedback and discouragement. We need to take all this as positive and need to improve ourselves to move forward with our goals.

I would like to thank my family and friends for their understanding, support and encouragement.

I would also like to thank all my articles readers; with all your support, positive and negative feedback, I learned a lot, improving myself and with all your support today, I have received this prestigious MVP awards.

I would also like to thank our company CEO and all our colleagues for supporting and encouraging me.

I would also like to thank Dinesh Beniwal, Praveen Moosad, Mahesh chand, Manish Tewatia, Atul Gupta and the entire C# Corner family for supporting and encouraging me.

I would also like to Thank Chris Maunder, Sean Ewington and entire Code project family for supporting and encouraging me.

I would also like to thank Ed Price and entire Microsoft TechNet Wiki family for supporting and encouraging me.

Hard Work, Hard work and Hard Work until you achieve. After you achieve your goal, don’t stop your community activities. Continue, Continue and Continue till you're bored and retired :)


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