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Microsoft Build (often stylized as //build/) is an annual conference held by Microsoft, aimed at software engineers and web developers using Windows, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies. This year, Microsoft has completed this conference on May 10-12, 2017. The company had so many exciting announcements this year right from Windows 10 Fall Creators update – Redstone3, VS2017 for Mac, Azure mobile apps to hardware and technologies on virtual-mix reality.

In case you have missed this event, I have tried to cover it in 3 blog entries; for one day each, covering the main highlights of the announcements and discussion. Here are details and links.

  1. Microsoft Build 2017 - Day 1 Highlights
  2. Microsoft Build 2017 - Day 2 Highlights
  3. Microsoft Build 2017 - Day 3 Highlights

Also, there are recorded sessions available of the event for three days, that you can view and download. Here are details and links for the same.

  1. #MSBuild Day 1 Keynote: Satya Nadella, Scott Guthrie, and Harry Shum showed us how software continues to transform the world in remarkable ways, with developers at the center of it.

[00:02] Satya Nadella Opening Statements
[07:39] Microsoft mission
[14:02] Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge
[19:00] Sam George, Sandvik Windows IoT demonstration
[23:00] Azure IoT Edge Introduction
[27:52] Andrea Carl, AI for Workplace Safety demonstration
[37:59] The Edge and our Devices
[41:27] Laura Jones, Intelligent Meetings
[51:46] Satya Nadella Closing Statements
[52:50] Haiyan Zhang and Emma Lawton, Development and Inspiration
[56:41] Scott Guthrie Opening Statements
[1:00:20] Scott Hanselman Azure Management Stack demonstration
[1:01:59] Azure Cloud Shell Announcement
[1:04:25] Azure Management Mobile App on Android and iOS Announcement
[1:09:50] Visual Studio for Mac General Availability Announcement
[1:21:13] PostgreSQL as a Service, MySQL as a Service Announcement
[1:22:26] Azure Cosmos DB Introduction
[1:27:20] Rimma Nehme, Azure Cosmos DB demonstration
[1:39:43] Maria Naggaga, Cloud Native application development demonstration
[1:46:50] Scott Guthrie, Serverless Computing
[1:49:01] Visual Studio 2017 support for Azure Function and Logic Apps Announcement
[1:52:02] Scott Guthrie, Azure Stack
[1:56:59] Julia White Azure and Azure Stack demonstration
[2:01:05] Scott Guthrie and Abhay Parasnis, Adobe, SaaS on Azure
[2:11:51] Microsoft AppSource
[2:13:13] Harry Shum Opening Statements
[2:18:18] Cognitive Services - Video Index and Cognitive Services Labs Cognitive Services Announcement
[2:19:40] Cognitive Services, Custom Vision, LUIS, Speech, Search and Decision Services Announcement
[2:23:00] Cornelia Carapcea Custom Vision demonstration
[2:27:07] Bot Framework and Adaptive Cards demonstration
[2:33:27] Yina Arenas Presentation Translator Add-in demonstration
[2:37:44] HP and Intel Cortana Device Announcement
[2:39:12] Yina Arenas Tact and Microsoft Graph demonstration
[2:43:52] Harry Shum Closing Statements

  1. #MSBuild Day 2 Keynote: Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore, and Alex Kipman showed us how software continues to transform the world in remarkable ways, with developers at the center of it.

[01:21] Terry Myerson Opening Statements
[03:40] Focus on creativity
[05:36] Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Announcement
[06:21] Windows Story Remix Announcement
[08:49] Lorraine Bardeen demonstrates Story Remix
[20:54] Joe Belfiore Talks about features and technologies behind Story Remix
[23:22] Microsoft Fluent Design System
[31:36] Windows and Microsoft Graph
[33:34] Windows PCs Loves Devices via Microsoft Graph
[45:51] Cloud-powered Clipboard Announcement
[49:33] Abolade Gbadegesin Project Rome Architect
[52:02] Moldering Legacy Application demonstration
[53:02] .NET Standard 2.0 for UWP Announcement
[54:51] XAML Standard 1.0 Announcement
[1:02:03] Project Rome SDK For iOS Announcement
[1:07:48] Terry Myerson and Continuous Delivery to Windows Store
[1:08:18] Full UWP Capabilities in Visual Studio Mobile Center Announcement
[1:10:03] iTunes coming to Windows Store Announcement
[1:10:42] SAP Digital Boardroom coming to Windows Store Announcement
[1:11:26] Andy Mott, Autodesk's Sketchbook as a UWP Application
[1:13:31] Autodesk's Stingray
[1:14:38] Windows 10 as Development Box
[1:15:06] Ubuntu via Windows Store Announcement
[1:15:46] SUSE and Fedora via Windows Store Announcement
[1:16:24] Xamarin Live Player demonstration
[1:19:29] Windows Narrator Dev Mode demonstration
[1:21:38] Terry Myerson and Mixed Reality
[1:25:35] Alex Kipman on Mixed Reality
[1:34:59] Motion Controllers for Windows Mixed Reality Announcement
[1:37:30] Acer and Motion Controllers Holiday Package Announcement
[1:39:50] Cirque du Soleil HoloLens demonstration
[1:49:25] Acer and HP Mixed Reality Dev Kit now available via Microsoft Store Announcement

  1. #MSBuild Day 3 Keynote: Discussion and Demos around Visual Studio 2017, C#, Visual Studio Code, and debugging.

[C9L30] Build Day 3 Keynote: The Business of Code
[C9L27] Visual Studio Mobile Center
[C9L25] TypeScript with Anders Hejlsberg
[C9L24] Visual Studio for Mac and Xamarin Live Player
[C9L23] Microsoft Graph
[C9L22] Microsoft Fluent Design System
[C9L20] SQL Unplugged
[T6098-R3] Jig.Space: Using 3D game technology in progressive web apps with BabylonJS
[T6095-R3] Sketchable and Surface Dial Integration
[T6076] Microsoft Security Risk Detection – Artificial Intelligence Powered Risk Detection
[T6958] Diversity and Accessibility as Technical Differentiators
[B8077] Security testing in the cloud, at scale using Microsoft Security Risk Detection
[T6996] Workspace utilization with Azure IoT
[T6988] Guide Dogs: Improving speech recognition on iOS to help the blind navigate
[T6097-R1] Lessons learned developing for mixed reality
[T6108] Using Microsoft Graph to connect to Office 365 data
[T6069] Simplified app development with plug-ins for Xamarin and Windows
[T6068] Securely sign-in your customers with Azure Active Directory B2C
[T6055] Never break the build with live unit testing
[T6052] Virtual and mixed reality apps with C#
[T6032] Getting started with Aurelia and ASP.NET Core
[T6006-R2] Angular and TypeScript
[T6003] A day in the life of an Azure serverless developer
[B8104] The future of C#
[B8097] What’s new with the Microsoft Bot Framework
[B8083] The future of Visual Studio
[B8050] Entity Framework Core 2.0: data, mobile, server, IoT, and more
[B8038] Deep learning with Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
[B8036] Supercharge your debugging in Visual Studio 2017
[B8035] XAML custom controls for UWP: Start to finish
[B8008] Big data workloads with Azure Blob Storage
[B8002] Introducing Adaptive Cards

And that’s actually all of it! The next event will possibly be Microsoft Connect, around September to November, where we might get some exciting updates on some of the above announcements, and most of all, Creators Fall Updates on Windows 10, .NET Standard, and Core 2.0 as well as VS 2017 updates!

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