Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture has a long way to go

Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture has a long way to go

Microsoft released a screen capturing tool called Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture as a part of its Microsoft Express Studio 4. Microsoft also has Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 as a part of the same suite. With the Screen Capture tool, Microsoft is trying to get into the screen capture market. This market is actually huge as video sharing has become a trend in recent years. 

I use Camtasia Studio 5 to create my videos on C# Corner and recently I thought I would give Expression Encoder Screen Capture a try. Why not? Being a Microsoft MVP, I get this software free. 

Well, first of all, whoever are the decision maker at the Expression team, they need to come up with better names. Think about this. How long is this name, Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture? Are you serious guys? It took me a while to even type the full name in this blog. 

Anyway, that was just the name.

Now, let's get back to our product review.

So, when you record a video, the first thing you want to avoid is the noise because you are actually recording the voice. So, this is where Screen Capture failed. The Expression Encoder Screen Capture takes so much memory to run it and it makes my laptop fan very noisy. While I am recording my video, I end up hearing laptop's fan noise more than my own voice.

Same time, If I use Camtasia Studio, I see no noise or other issue whatsoever.

So, that's that. Before I can actually use Screen Capture, the Expression team needs to work hard to make it less noisy. 

The Verdict

So final verdict. The Expression team still has a long way to go before they can make the Expression Encoder Screen Capture a main stream product. Before reaching to an average user, they must pass this litmus test of developers. If developers aren't happy, forget your average user. 

I hope to see a much more improved version in the next release.


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