Microsoft MVP Summit 2012 Agenda Announced

Microsoft MVP Summit 2012 Date Announced

I just got an email from my MVP Lead about Microsoft MVP Summit 2012. 


I am pleased to announce plans for the upcoming 2012 MVP Global Summit which will be held in Bellevue and the Microsoft campus from February 28 – March 2, 2012.

Planning Your Schedule 

We know how important it is for you to have as much information as possible—as soon as possible--about the event, including what kind of content will be available. The technical content at the MVP Summit is determined by where we are in the product lifecycle for products or technologies aligned to MVP expertises, and these vary each year. We're working with the product groups now to determine content coverage by expertise and expect to be able to provide you with the technical content schedule in November.

MVP Summit Experience

The MVP Summit has become much more than technical breakout sessions. The Summit experience provides opportunities for you to take advantage of pre & post events that are scheduled by third parties such as GeekGive, MVP Nation, or special sessions hosted by Product Groups. There are Side Sessions planned before and after the event that expand your exposure to other programs, products or technologies. Also, during the event, we plan activities designed to facilitate helping you build stronger connections between other MVPs and with Microsoft. Year after year we hear that networking is a highly valued element of the event, so we want to give you plenty of time to make the necessary travel plans and take advantage of the complete Summit experience!

2012 MVP Global Summit Schedule

The schedule below outlines all the plans that are known to-date:
  • Microsoft is offering four nights of complimentary hotel accommodations
  • Side sessions are planned before and after the Summit
  • There will be at least two pre/post (non-Microsoft sponsored) events such as a and MVP Nation; dates are not confirmed yet
  • Content coverage by expertise will be shared in November


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