MS Teams Quick-Learning Blog Tutorial - Part Two


Hi guys, I hope you liked my previous Blog on MS Teams. Please check it out here before going through this.
Let's try to explore some amazing ways of how to communicate using MS Teams like a Pro through this Blog.
The best feature of Teams is it has an Open & Transparent Dialogue System.

Understand what Type of Message to Use & When

We can do parallel chatting to multiple Users that includes text, image, video, recorded messages and other kinds of media options along with Emotion Mojis that are self-explanatory symbols to avoid typing and save time.
All the Files sent on the Char are automatically uploaded in the One Drive For Business folder that has automatic Editing permissions enabled to all the available users in the Chat.
New Chat option >> External User >> But add it to your Contacts list to proceed further.
Another way to send a message is to write a message through a Channel Post. You can start a new Thread/continue on an existing thread based on how you guys sort it to avoid too many unordered posts and confusion.
Just open the Format Box to access all the Rich Text supported options.
You can select what type of message New Conversation/Announcement along with the Subject and use @ to mention someone when you try to post a new message after expanding your Rich Text Format Box option as shown below.
Use the Filter option to only chats/discussions that you need to. You do not need to do any clean up process like Outlook.
Channel Notifications On will always give you the Activity Feed alerts to check and respond soon though you are not mentioned with ‘@’ symbol.
The banner is the easiest way to receive Notifications that appears on Left Bottom Corner and a disruptive way to seek the attention of the end-users very fastly.
Notifications can be tuned section wise by Going to the Profile>>Settings>>Notifications>>List of Mentions>>Select any of the drop-down options: Only show in feed, Banner, Banner and Email, etc.
For Ex, Set Personal Mentions to Only Show in Feed as a Good Practice.
Setting Quiet Hours is similar to What’s App Mute option, available on a Mobile View while using MS Teams. It's very helpful when you are on Vacation/Holiday/Weekends etc.
Select which channels you want to get engaged. By default, Microsoft presents you the top 3 channels that you are highly active to work with.
For Hidden channels, you can’t get Notifications. So click more options to the Channel >> Show/Hide.
Show availability to others by showcasing the status, i.e.
  • Available
  • Busy
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Be right back
  • Appear Away- When you are away but still ready to receive the feeds/notifications. 
Live Events is a Fancy Team Meeting Event with Video capturing of your physical presence for several audiences both active and passive.
Go to Calendar >> New Meeting >> New Live Meeting in the drop down option >> Menu options change >> Add Title >> Assign Physical Location >> Start-End Date & Time >> Time Zone selection >> Body Description >> Invite Presenter option to add more Presenters by Names >> Live Event Permissions >> Add People & Groups/Org-wide/Public to everyone >> Check Other options as shown below >> Support URL >> Click Schedule.
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