New Way of Uploading Xamarin iOS App to Testflight

With the new Catalina OS and latest XCODE11, Apple has changed the process of uploading the beta release of iOS apps to Test flight. In this blog, we will see the step-by-step method of this process using Transporter instead of the old Apploader.
  1. Download the Transporter app from the Mac app store here,
  2. Production-ready IPA file archived from Visual studio.
Step 1: Open the Transporter app and log in using Appstore connect credentials or Testflight credentials with proper roles to upload the file.
Step 2: Once signed in successfully click on Add APP Button as shown below and select the generated IPA file as shown below
Step 3: Once complete, the app will be uploaded to Testflight. It may take some time to validate the resources and metadata of the app.
Step 5: Once completed, on any computer, log onto and log in using the same credentials used for Transporter.
Step 6: Select your app from the My Apps section and open it. We can see the uploaded build list and select the build.
Step 7: Fill the required compliance data as shown below:
Step 8: Once the Information is filled and uploaded, the APP will be ready for internal testing and can be submitted for beta review.
In this post, we looked at how to upload the IPA to TestFlight using the Transporter application. In the next blog, we will discuss uploading Android apps in improved ways. Happy coding until then.
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