Security Trimming on a Modern News Web Part


Today, we will explore the concept of security trimming on a modern news web part. We will explore this on an already-existing team space hub site, with all the lists of different team subsites. We can implement this concept using Office 365 Groups, but not SharePoint Site default Groups such as Members/Owners/Visitors, etc., as they don’t get reflected when trying to add in the Audience Column under each Site Pages which have been posted as a news item for showcasing on the hub home page.


Create Modern Pages under your Team Spaces Hub with the name of the different team subsites. Also, add them as a news post so that they are reflected under the News Modern WP.

Steps to Follow

Go to O365 Admin Centre

Create a new O365 Group with the 1st Team subsite name here:

ASIAPACTest@<Tenant Name>


Add a Group owner and other settings as shown in the below snapshots:


Go to the site page library under the MyTeamSpaces Hub >> Library Settings >> General Settings >> Audience Targeting Settings >> Enable Audience Targeting.

Goto the Site Pages Library again. Select the Modern Site Page of the subsite created for your News Posting. Just right-click, and select More>>Properties.


In the Audience Field value, just add the Newly Created Office 365 Group for the Security Trimming Concept implemented across the selected Modern Page. This again gets reflected in the News Modern Web part that has all the posts of the created subsites related to Modern Pages.


Go to the news modern web part which has already available modern site pages related posts included on them.

Edit news modern web part and enable audience targeting.


You can see the audience targeting changes reflected clearly on the modern news web part. Users who are only part of the above Office 365. Group either Owners/Members can have the above site page post visible in the news modern web part while the others can’t see it through the security trimming concept implementation.


Note: We can only create audience targeting on the news modern web part unlike the other modern web parts using the above simple OOTB concepts.