Send All Azure App Insights Or Logs Data To Tool Like Datadog


Microsoft Azure provides a variety of insights and monitoring logs that you can monitor to check the state of a resource and its performance. We can send these metrics and insights to other tools and create several alerts and performance metrices of our own. Datadog is a tool that provides a rich experience to users who are monitoring resources on the cloud or on-premises.

How to transfer Azure metrices to Datadog?

We can transfer all of the Azure insights to datadog in few simple steps using Eventhub. The original purpose of Eventhub is to transfer millions of requests per second which is best suited for our purpose.

Send All Azure App Insights or Logs data to tool like Datadog

Create an eventhub

First, we will create an eventhub instance in azure,

Once an eventhub is created you can send your insights or metrices data to eventhub from where DataDog will consume it.

Go to your app insights and find Diagnostic settings,

Here you will see that we can variety of metrices and logs, click on add diagnostics setting,

Send All Azure App Insights or Logs data to tool like Datadog

In the log selection select whichever you want to feed to the event hub, In the right section select "stream to eventhub" and in right lower section select details of eventhub namespace and eventhub instance.

Now you are all set from the Azure side. It's time to move to Datadog.

For datadog to read the eventhub:

  1. Create a app registry
  2. Give read-only access to newly created eventhub

Datadog can read these events from evethub and generate interactive and rich performance metrices and alerts.

I hope this was helpful.