SharePoint 2013 Apps Life Cycle Management

In SharePoint 2013 there is a new custom component called the apps for SharePoint. This is the recommended way for developers and third parties to create new functionality and user interface components. SharePoint 2013 Apps infrastructure also benefits SharePoint administrators by making it easier to manage the life cycle of custom applications. The following features are included are included with the Apps

·         SharePoint Marketplace. This global marketplace for apps for SharePoint is a single repository of custom components, available to all SharePoint customers. Administrators can enable users to purchase apps, on behalf of the company from the marketplace, or restrict that right to a small number of budget holders. Once purchased, an app becomes available to all users in the SharePoint farm.

·         Corporate App Catalog. This catalog is a private repository of apps within the SharePoint farm and controlled by farm administrators. Users can choose to install these apps in any SharePoint site in the organization.

·         Removing Apps. Apps for SharePoint are contained entirely within a sub-site of the SharePoint site in which it is used. Therefore, when a user or administrator removes the app, the sub-site is removed cleanly and no objects are retained in the parent site or elsewhere. This clean removal aids app management.

·         Apps in Multi-Tenant Farms. In a multi-tenant SharePoint farm, there is a one Corporate App Catalog for each tenant organization. This ensures that both tenants must pay for their app usage and that removals do not impact other tenants.


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