How To Change Date Format On A Site Or List


In this blog, you will learn how to change the date format for a single list column or change the format for the whole subsite. These same steps support On-Premise versions and SharePoint Online - Office 365 sites. 

Steps involved

Please follow the steps given below to update the date format.

Change date format for a particular site or subsite.

We would like to change date and time format from USA to the UK for all lists and libraries, etc. Please find the screenshot given below just for your reference and compare.

To achieve this, we have made the changes in the site's Regional settings, using the steps given below, and this change will update the date and time everywhere in your site list and library.

 a. Go to "Site settings"

  b. Under the "Site Administration" section, click on "Regional settings".

 c. In "Locale" select desired option; example format DD/MM/YYYY, you need to select "English (United Kingdom)" and click OK button.

Change date format for particular list column

 a. Go to your list, where you would like to see the formatted date and time.

 b. I have a list named Event List and a column called Event Date in my list. Currently, it displays SharePoint default date and time format, which is based upon current regional settings.

 c. Now, we would like to display date in different date and time format, as shown in the picture given below. We have added three new columns to display different date and time format.

 d. To achieve this, we need to add a calculated column and use the sample code given below. Also, please feel free to add the pattern, as per your desired output.

Column Name

Calculated Column Formula Value

Event_Date_Formated_dd mmm yy

=TEXT(EventDate,"dd mmm yy")







This kind of date and time format can only be achieved via a calculated column which does not change the regional settings of the site.

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Thus, we have learned
how to change date format for a single list column or change the format for the whole subsite on On-Premise SharePoint versions sites.