SharePoint Spaces - 3D Object And File Viewer

In this blog, we will look at how to make your Space more interactive by adding OOTB web parts.
If you are new and want to know how to activate SharePoint Space for your site collection in SharePoint Online, look at my detailed blog, SharePoint Spaces - Blog Series 1.
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Before adding a web part to our Space, let’s take a sneak peek at where exactly SharePoint Space is located in our site collection.
  • Go to your Site Home page -> Settings -> Click on Site Contents,
SharePoint SpacesFig. 1.1
  • Once you click on Site Contents, Go to the Site Pages library,
SharePoint SpacesFig. 1.2
  • In the Site page library, you will see your created SharePoint Space.
Click on it and you have your created Space back, you can now Edit and Publish it as below when your Space design is ready.
SharePoint SpacesFig. 1.3
SharePoint SpacesFig. 1.4
SharePoint Space is a site page, located in the Site collection Page library.
Now, let’s edit our SharePoint Space and start exploring the web parts,
  1. Click on the Edit button on your created Space as shown in Fig. 1.4.
  2. You will see a ( + ) icon in the Space as shown in the image below,
SharePoint SpacesFig. 2.1
  • Click on the ( + ) to see all out of the box web parts,
SharePoint SpacesFig. 2.2
  • Let’s start by adding 3D objects,
SharePoint SpacesFig. 2.3
  • You can choose a 3D object from the 3D Catalog or you can insert your local 3D object in the Space. I have added the table as a 3D object from the Catalog, you can see this in the image below,
SharePoint SpacesFig. 2.4
  • Look at Fig. 2.4 and see the 3D object, you have the option to edit, duplicate and delete the object. Also, you can see the scale below to scale the object as per your requirement.
  • For the demo, I have created a Virtual learning experience using 3D objects and the File viewer web part as shown in the image below,
SharePoint SpacesFig.2.5
  • Now, Click on Publish/Republish to see how your Space looks like,
SharePoint SpacesFig. 2.6
  • Once your Space is published, you can click on the file and view it in a new tab or save that file to your page. Also, you can view this Space using a headset and hear the sound If you have set that sound property in Space Design.
SharePoint SpacesFig. 2.7
  • This is how you can add web parts to your Space to make it more interactive.
I hope you enjoyed adding and deleting web parts like 3D objects and File Viewer.
Stay tuned, for the upcoming blog, SharePoint Spaces - Blog Series 4 where we will explore other web parts.