Something Went Wrong - Error At Infopath Form On Mobile Device

We are using InfoPath forms in SharePoint online, though we know it is deprecated and support will end soon. It was quick to design and start using it. 

But end users were facing issue while opening the form from their mobile devices. The form doesn't open and throws "Something went wrong" error as shown below

Something went wrong - Error at InfoPath form on mobile device


Well, after doing a lot of research over the internet, old forums, and documentations found out that this can be fixed easily with small change in URL. Usually, we send emails to user with form link, we have to append a query string parameter to get this working.

Append this parameter to your URL before sending it to user via email notification


So the InfoPath Form URL would become like below Joiner/TestForm.xml&DefaultView=EndUserView&DefaultItemOpen=1

This will make the InfoPath forms open without any issue on the mobile device.

Thanks for reading!