Stopping Execution of SSIS Package in SSMS

Sometimes it required to execute the packages from SSMS after deploying it to SSISDB catalog in SQL Server. But what if we want to interrupt the execution in the middle or when package stops the progress or hangs. Recently one of my colleague faced this issue and we somehow couldn't find any quick solution to stop the running execution of package. We tried to restart integration services and other SQL Server services (Which was kinda silly).

Then I figured it out that it's something related to SSISDB as we're executing the package in it. When we execute any package then it launches a process ISServerExec.exe for every execution which is in running in the catalog. Now to see all those running packages in the SQL Server instance follow below steps:

1. Go to the SSISDB catalog in SQL Server management studio. Right Click and select the “Active Executions”. The SSISDB catalog can be found under Integration Services Catalogs as shown in below image:


Now a window will appear that will show the currently running packages. Now select your desired package your desired package you want to kill and click STOP.