Sync SharePoint and Outlook Calendar

Share Point Calendars are quite handy when it comes to sharing the calendar events among the team. Everyone in the team can access the calendar and add appointments which help in collaboration with the other members. In addition to that the calendar security can be managed via SharePoint groups thereby facilitating only the authorized subset of the team to modify the calendar.

However, having calendars in multiple locations, like outlook and SharePoint will make it tedious to navigate between the locations to plan the day. Share Point provides a neat work around to this problem via the Outlook connector. Share Point Calendars can be synced with Outlook calendar.Let’s see how we can do that.

From the Calendar menu, click on Connect to Outlook.

This will open up two subsequent pop ups.

Click on ’Allow’.


Click on ‘Yes’.


Now you should be able to see Share Point Calendar in Outlook side by side.

Click on the Left arrow in the Share Point Calendar, you can see both calendars appearing as overlay in a single calendar.

This ability to view the SharePoint calendar within Outlookhas the following benefits:

  • The calendar in outlook will always be synced with SharePoint.

  • Modification in Outlook calendar will be updated in SharePoint.

  • You can toggle the calendar from your activeview by checking/uncheck the corresponding box on the left.

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