Types of services in SQL Server

In this blog, I will demonstrate about the SQL Server Services.

SQL Server provides 5 types of services,

  1. Database Engine
  2. Analysis Service
  3. Reporting Service
  4. Compact Edition
  5. Integration Services

And an SQL Server contains two databases.

A. OLTP (Online Transaction Processing)

This database contains Normalized data, i.e. redundancy or data Repetition will be less or duplicate data will be less.

B. OLAP (ON-LINE Analytical Processing)

It contains demoralized data, i.e. redundancy will be there. This database will be used in analyzing the server or the data warehousing.

Let's learn all these things in details.

1. Database Engine

It is a default server type. It is used to store, manage and to access the data from the Database.

2. Analysis Services

It is used to create the cubes. It is used to show the data in multiple dimensions and is used to show the data in a hierarchical view or preview. It is also used to display the KPIS (Key Performance Indicator) and is used to apply the translation in translation default language is English U.S.

3. Reporting Services

Reporting Services is a reporting tool used to generate reports in various formats.

A. Standard

It is used to show the report in the form of the List.

B. AD-Hoc

It is used to create the report template or the Report model and when it is used by the client, it will be the necessary changes and will be used.

c. Embedded

The reports will be given to the development team that they will integrate with the DotNet Project.

4. Compact Edition

It is used to develop mobile applications.

5. Integration Services

It is used to convert the data from one format to another. The SQL Server tables can be converted into an Oracle, MYSQL or an MS Access table and we can also convert the “table” to “textfile” or “textfile” to “table”. In this, 27 transformation can be done. It is called as the ETL (Extract Transform Load) Tool.

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