Update (Re-Deploy) Existing Azure WebJob


This article will help you to update/re-deploy the existing Azure web job. There are two ways we can update the Azure web job.

  • Using FTP
  • Kudu Console

In this article, we are going to see how to update the web job using kudu debug console.

Using FTP

You can connect to the website where the web job is at via FTP and update the necessary files without erasing your log files.

You can get the credentials to connect via FTP from the Publish Profile.

Kudu Console

To access the KUDU Console, you should have the admin access for the particular web app.

KUDU Console is a debugging service for Azure platform which allows you to explore your web app and surf the bugs present on it, like deployment logs, memory dump, and uploading files to your web app, and adding JSON endpoints to your web apps, etc.

Follow the below steps to access your kudu console for your web app.

Step 1

Click the azure web app - In new blade click the “Advanced Tools” - Click “Go”


It will redirect you to debug console browser page.

Step 2

You can see the KUDU console of your Web App with the below URL https://#####.scm.azureWeb Apps.net


#### refers to the Web App name.


In Kudu console screen click the Debug Console from the top ribbon bar then click the CMD.

Step 3

It will take you to your web apps debug console page.


Click site\wwwroot\App_Data\jobs\triggered\jobname.

Finally, you can see the debug folder of your web job.

Step 4


Then remove your old debug folder and drag and drop the new updated debug folder.