Ways To Create Effective Workforce Development Plans

This is my first blog and today, I am going to discuss what steps leaders in a company can take to create effective workforce development plans.

  • Know your team members
    The first step is you should meet with your new team members during the first week of hiring. Ask them why they want to be there and what they want to accomplish in their time being there. Find out what professional and personal goals have been set for the future.

  • Set the goals
    After the first meeting, you should take a pause of two weeks to grasp what you have learned from this meeting. Also, take some time to think about potential goals for your employee. At the same time, you should ask the new employees to think about long and short term goals that they would like to set. Also, ask  about their interests. After the right amount of time, you should talk about the goals that you want for your new employee. Make sure you listen to your employees carefully about what they actually want for themselves. During this meeting, set up the goals for the coming months and for the next year. This will help you and your employee to focus on his/her career growth.

  • Observe the core skills of each member
    Assess the employee and what skills they have, even in their resume. Pay attention at how they perform in the office. Prepare the checklist of skills that you notice of your employee. Make the checklist of what skills you need them to develop in them.

  • Monthly performance reviews
    After observing your employee for a month, you should set up the performance meeting and ask them how they feel about their strengths and weaknesses. Based on the review, you should be able to set a list of skills for your employee to work on. Discuss your plan with your employees and tell them that you are here to support them to become better at what they do right now.

  • Arrange development and training programs
    In this step, invest in your employee to be more skilled. Arrange development and training sessions for them, schedule video/audio conferencing with experts, or send them directly to the conference. Be transparent and let them know that you value them and want them to get as much out of it as they want to.

  • Evaluate overall performance/Improvement plan
    This is the final step to develop your employee as a professional. After a year, you should set a conference with each one for yearly evaluation. Talk about the goals that you had set a year ago and tell the employees to what extent were they able to meet with. If employees were not able to meet the goals, then you should ask what prevented them. This will form the base of next year goals.

Hope you have liked the blog. Look forward for your comments/suggestions.


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