What’s Beyond The Cloud Database Age - Futurist Thinking

Will databases exist in the future? 
I think so but no one can guarantee it today.

The cloud database will vanish; only websites with config files, institutional data, passwords and routers, machine translators, etc. will exist. If we think far into the future, what will the interplanetary data exchange between Earth, Moon, and Mars be like?

Considering cyber-terrorism, cyber-crimes, quality connection, data safety, and integrity, we‘ll have many challenges. There will be a disruptive database in devices and the data in your brain/DNA or on every electronic device that you’ll have at home and the office will be cloned and updated. Here, I am not talking about only your personal data but every data on your commercial and social network.

We'll not need bank branches. They'll be inside these disruptive devices. Any “computer/device” will be changed at your touch. You will be able to manage it via your desktop PC  in the office, or a cyber cafe, and even the devices of your friends. These will be pushed with your data as if it were yours.

A disruptive Social Network will exist so all friends and friends of friends will “walk” with you. Storage data space will have no meaning because it will be infinite.

But will our lives change?
No way! It will be just like today. As we are just apes with Wi-Fi today, we will live like apes with disruptive databases too. We will still meet friends to have meals and enjoy prey like in the prehistoric age.

What will be your part in this future?