Xamarin iOS Custom Fonts

Step 1

Create a new Xamarin ios app using visual studio. File => new => Project => iphone single view app.

Step 2

Then open story board add few sample textfields or buttons as you need.

Step 3

Let us consider that we are going to add "Roboto" font. Download the Roboto fonts that you need and add the fonts to the created project.

Step 4

Now select the font then, right click and choose properties.

In that set Build Action as "BundleResource" and copy to output directory as "copy always".

Step 5

select info.plist from solution and open it with "Generic PList Editor" .

Step 6

In that add the property by clicking "+" symbol and set property name as "Fonts provided by the application" and then add the Roboto Custom Fonts below.

Step 7

Then select any textfeild or button that you need to change font. Open properties by choosing View => Properties

Step 8

In the Properties change the font style as we need. We can find the newly added font here.

Step 9

That's it, the custom font is added.