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A bit of AI - Episode 6

Rohit Tomar Noida Chapter 1:30 PM To 2:00 PM IST

Join us on April 15 on the sixth episode of A bit of AI with your host Henk and Amy.

What is it like to work in the field of AI? How do you get started with AI? And what is going on this week? Find out in this 30-minute show hosted by cloud advocates Henk and Amy. In this show, we will enter a conversation with our guest who works with AI daily and challenge you to expand your skillset with a recommended weekly MS Learn module.

This week we have a chat with Jean-Pierre Riehl about his work in AI.


Jean obsessed with Data, Power BI Fan, Innovation-driven, Business-oriented, Artificially-Intelligent, Community leader, he drives innovation and tech passion at Avanade (after doing the same thing at Azeo for 10 years before being acquired by Avanade). He works for more than 20 years on challenging projects, from web to IoT including a lots of Data and AI. He is awarded as Data Platform MVP since 2008 and intensively involved in French Communities.


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