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Cut your Kubernetes cloud bill in half with CAST AI - Product Showcase

Rohit Tomar Noida Chapter 10:00 AM To 10:30 AM EDT

Join us on June 15 with Leon Kuperman & Annie Talvasto on the Product Showcase live show.



CAST AI is a single cloud optimization platform for Kubernetes. We use AI to significantly reduce cloud costs, reduce the amount and complexity of tasks which DevOps have to do, and prevent downtime. All that on a single platform which is both simple to use and allows for control when you need it.


Leon KupermanCo-founder and CTO at CAST AI. Formerly Vice President of Security Products OCI at Oracle, Leon's professional experience spans across tech companies such as IBM, Tuition, and HostedPCI. He founded and served as the CTO of Zenedge, an enterprise security company protecting large enterprises with a cloud WAF. Leon has 20+ years of experience in product management, software design, and development, all the way through to production deployment. He is an authority on cloud computing, web application security and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), e-commerce, and web application architecture.

Annie TalvastoAnnie Talvasto, a cloud-native technology marketer, is an international technology speaker specialized in Kubernetes & the cloud-native ecosystem. Annie hosts & produces the Cloud Gossip podcast and is a co-organizer of Kubernetes & CNCF Finland meetup for over 3,5 years. She has worked at various tech companies from cloud start-ups to enterprises, now working as a Product Marketing Manager at CAST AI. Annie has spoken at conferences on multiple continents, including Techorama, Global Azure, Future Tech, The Cloud First, C# corner, and more. During her career, she has spoken to more than 5,000 people at User Group meetings & Conferences.

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