Data Science with Visual Studio Code, PyTorch, and Azure - AMA

Stephen Simon Noida Chapter 10a PDT, 1 hour

Come to see how to build AI-powered Applications with Visual Studio Code, PyTorch, and Azure!  
In this talk, we will walk through the training, optimizing, and deploying of a deep learning model to recognize the breeds of dogs and cats using the Oxford IIIT Pet Dataset. We will then improve the model accuracy by using the Azure Machine Learning service. Putting on our developer hat, we will switch over to Visual Studio Code to turn the experimentation into Python modules.
Finally, we will deploy the model as a web service and test everything out!
• Intro to deep learning
• Training, optimizing, and deploying of a deep learning model 
• Model accuracy 
• Azure Machine Learning service 
• Demo: Build a Pet Detector
TIME: 10:30 PM IST
  7:00 PM CEST
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Rong Lu is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft working on Python data science tools in Visual Studio Code and Azure. She has been with the Visual Studio team for over 10 years since she graduated with her master's degree in computer science. Previously she spent years building Visual Studio Code for C++, and Visual Studio tools for game and mobile development. She has been a frequent speaker at conferences since 2007. 



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