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Explore the Azure Static Web Apps Ecosystem: Azure User Group Sweden

Rohit Tomar Noida Chapter 3:30 PM To 4:30 PM IST

The Microsoft Static Web Apps ecosystem provides a comprehensive platform for building and deploying static web applications. It combines the power of Azure services, GitHub, and modern development tools to enable developers to create and host static websites with ease. Also, the ecosystem empowers developers to quickly develop, test, and deploy scalable and performant static web apps. It offers an efficient and streamlined development experience, enabling developers to focus on building rich user experiences and delivering their applications to a global audience with confidence.

In this session, guest speaker Audrey Mengue will be sharing her knowledge about Azure Static Web Apps along with GitHub for modern cloud development for developers.


Audrey Mengue is a software engineer at Turntabl Ghana Limited. She holds a bachelor's degree in Information technology from Accra Institute of Technology. She uses technology tools such as Azure, React, and Springboot mainly to solve problems. She believes that cloud is the future and therefore decided to get Azure certified.

Aside from her work activities, she is also a woman in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) advocate, thus an active member of organizations like Microsoft User Group Ghana, PyLadies Ghana, and Developers in Vogue which help women to transition or enter the STEM field. During her spare time, she likes exploring nature or visiting new countries.



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