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Integrating Azure SQL Database with Azure Functions - Azure Essentials Series - Ep: 4

Rohit Tomar Islamabad Chapter

On June 15, Join us for the next episode of our "Azure Essentials" series as we explore the powerful integration of Azure SQL Database with Azure Functions. In this episode, we'll delve into how these two services can work together to build scalable, serverless applications that efficiently manage and process data.

During the episode, we'll cover:

  • Introduction to Azure SQL Database and Azure Functions
    • Overview of Azure SQL Database and its key features
    • Introduction to Azure Functions and the benefits of serverless computing
  • Setting Up Azure SQL Database
    • Step-by-step guide to creating and configuring an Azure SQL Database instance
    • Best practices for setting up databases, including performance and scalability options
  • Creating Azure Functions to Interact with SQL Database
    • How to create and deploy Azure Functions
    • Writing functions to connect to and perform operations on Azure SQL Database
  • Implementing Common Use Cases
    • Real-world examples of using Azure Functions with Azure SQL Database
    • Automating data processing tasks, such as data ingestion and transformation
  • Security and Compliance
    • Overview of security features for both Azure SQL Database and Azure Functions
    • Ensuring data protection and meeting regulatory requirements
  • Monitoring and Performance Optimization
    • Tools and techniques for monitoring the performance of Azure SQL Database and Azure Functions
    • Tips for optimizing queries and function execution
  • Integration with Other Azure Services
    • How to enhance your solutions by integrating other Azure services, such as Azure Logic Apps and Azure Data Factory
  • Real-world Use Cases
    • Case studies showcasing the integration of Azure SQL Database with Azure Functions in various industries
    • Practical examples and lessons learned from real-world implementations


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