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J2EE – Building Component-based Enterprise Web Applications - MVP Show

Rohit Tomar Noida Chapter 7:30 PM To 8:15 PM IST

Join us on November 25 with Ashish Bhatnagar to learn about J2EE – Building Component-based Enterprise Web Applications.


Enterprise information systems EIS, can be very complex since they provide interoperability for geographically distributed facilities and other business units with distinct business functions and mutual dependencies. Building a system of that complexity is not just a programming effort but almost a multidisciplinary approach to the software engineering process.  In this presentation, I will describe the process of building an enterprise information system using MDA (Modal Driven Architecture) approach on Java 2 enterprise edition (J2EE) platform.


  • Application servers
  • What is J2EE?
    • Main component types
    • Application Scenarios
    • J2EE APIs and Services
  • EJB – a closer look
  • Examples



Chapter Leader

Stephen Simon

C# Corner Regional Community Director (India & Asia Pacific Region)

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