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Mathematics 5: Probabilities - AI42

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Join us on March 10 on a new episode of AI42 with Heini focused on Probabilities.

In the fifth and final mathematics session for the AI42 series, we will look into the world of probabilities! We will start by understanding different methods for calculating probabilities and when to use each method. Then we will focus on how to leverage probabilities to understand data better.

In this final session of the AI42 series, we will draw a picture of how all the different areas of mathematics are needed in data science and machine learning. After this session, you will have a much better understanding of the mathematics behind the scenes!


Heini is a math teacher turned Azure expert. With a background in mathematics and teaching, she has a great passion for problem solving, simplifying complex things and a unique approach to architectures. She is a DevOps consultant at Polar Squad, specializing in Azure infrastructure and the data platform. She has been working with customers large and small for the past several years to help them sort out their path to the cloud and make sense of their architecture - both hybrid and cloud. Heini is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and an Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

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