Setup MFA for Ms Azure AD using Conditional Access

Nilesh Shah Toronto Chapter May 13, 2020 6:00 PM (EDT)
Join Nilesh Shah and Krunal Barot for the C# Corner Toronto chapter webinar on Azure AD Multi factor authentication.
  • Introduction to C# Corner, by Nilesh
  • Setup MFA for Microsoft Azure AD, by Krunal
  • Q & A and closing comments, by Nilesh
The webinar will cover following topics:
Setup MFA for Microsoft Azure AD user using Conditional Access
  • Update security Info from Known Network using Conditional Access
  • MFA for role Admin using conditional Access
  • Roll out MFA for all users
  • Registration using conditional access
C# Corner Toronto chapter welcomes guest speaker Krunal Barot.
Krunal is Datacenter Infrastructures and Server Administrator, working with Town of Caledon. He has around 15 years of experience working as a Data Center Infrastructure and Operations Specialist. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.
This webinar is hosted as part of C# Corner Toronto chapter by Nilesh Shah.
Nilesh is 2 times Microsoft MVP in Microsoft 365 development. He is an independent consultant working on MS Azure, MS 365, .Net Core, etc. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.


  • Microsoft Certified Server Administrator with 12+ years of experience as Infrastructure and Server Administrator. Experience with virtualization, Backup, and disaster system. Hand-on experience working with a different platform not limited to Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix... Specialized for Day to day Data Center operations and maintenance. Work as Project Coordinator as well as Team lead for the support system.
  • Microsoft MVP | C# Corner MVP | Tech Lead | Blogger, Speaker | TOGAF 9.1


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Nilesh Shah

Microsoft MVP | C# Corner MVP | Tech Lead | Blogger, Speaker | TOGAF 9.1

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