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The Cloud Show with Magnus Mårtensson ft. Hannes Lowette

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Join this live session with Magnus Mårtensson ft. Hannes Lowette for the next episode of The Cloud Show with Magnus Mårtensson on May 22, at 01:05 PM (EST).

The show is about cloud leadership and all the important questions relating to cloud projects. Certainly, many matters when a company is going to and wants to be successful in the cloud, are about technology. However, there are many additional matters, adjacent to technology, that we also need to tend to regarding business strategy, human resources, organizational change, planning for a technical cloud approach, and many more questions. These conversations are critical for a healthy cloud and for a swift and accurate cloud approach. 


Hannes Lowette is a passionate .Net backend developer, he likes to focus on service layers, data access, and the performance of a software system. He is experienced with several database engines and a plethora of .Net libraries and frameworks. He likes sharing knowledge with others and doesn't mind talking to business people and he gets very happy when we can deliver a great piece of working software. 

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