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3 tier architecture

Oct 3 2019 12:56 PM
Develop ASP.net application based on below requirements with 1 (or) 3 layers and Use Stored procedures for all db operations. Preform below operations on tblEmployee: 1) Insert 2) Delete (For Deletion keep confirmation box) 3) Get (Retrieve) -- display in Grid view control Fields for tblEmployee: 1) First Name* 2) Email* 3) Mobile 4) Country (Drop down) 5) State (Drop down) Validations 1) All asterisk (*star) fields are required fields for Name and Email do the validation 2) Do the below validation. Email validation should be in email format. Country and state should select based on the country selection states should bind. 3) Validation messages should display beside the fields. SQL Server: Sql server can use in local system server.

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