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Add Dynamically Textbox in Windows Application

Apr 11 2011 7:15 AM

I am making one windows application. In that application I have added one Textbox called "OTHER ITEAMS" and one Button called "MORE"

My question is : as an example i want to add 4 iteams in Textbox. So, 1st I will add one Item in Textbox then I will press MORE button at run time and I want another same size textbox as the 1st one and exactly under 1st one.

It's not fixed that everytome I have to add same number of Iteams in textbox.

So, how can I do this..?

I have also read the articles called Veating TextBoxes dynamically at runtime.
But, this article is for not for windows application.

Pls reply as soon as possible. :)

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