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An extended ping-type program using WPF

Sep 2 2022 12:23 PM

Hi Team


I need some help for those who worked on ping type program using WPF and C#. Basically i want to do this following;


// Type program using WPF and C#

### GUI

 - Dialog with a Grid, two buttons (Start and Stop) and a Status bar
 - Pressing Start should start the echo process as described further below
 - Pressing Stop should stop the echo process
 - The results of the echo test should be displayed in the Grid in the following columns (Started , Processed , Elapsed)
 - Status bar should be used for displaying info to the user

### Echo Process

 - Repeat the below exactly every 500 ms
 - Create object that contains an initialized GUID
 - Serialize the object using a Json serializer
 - Send the json string using a TCP socket to the echotool
 <br>(The echotool will echo back all received data)
 - Parse and assemble the echo'ed json data packet(s) and deserialize it back into an object
 - Add this echo result to the GUI Grid into the relevant columns 
 <br>(Started = timestamp when this echo process started , Processed = timestamp after deserialization into an object , Elapsed = milliseconds elapsed from Started to Processed)