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API endpoint : resize the image and return it back

Jan 25 2019 1:12 AM
Hi All,

I am looking ahead to develop a WEBAPI EndPoint which accepts an Image, Resize it and return it back.

Please find the minute details below.

API Request Parameters

a)A Design ID of the Image,
b)Image Type
c)@ItemType parameter (Need to actually use it in a function called GetItemLocation)

Explanation of Function dbo.fn_GetItemLocation

This Function would pull the design location on the network based on @ItemType parameter and return the URI Filepath using which we would grab the design Image, resize it(Lets say any small size) and return it.

So Below are the contents which I want to return

API Response Parameters

a)Design ID
b)Blob with the file contents (resized)
c)field that states if it is a PNG or JPEG

What Would API Consumer do ?

Consumer would get the image for a design ID and then renders it and use it in whatever way he wants.

Please note that I just need any article or any guidance so that I can approach to start this thing up.

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