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Application Library Caching - Dependency DLL Can be placed out of XAP file?

Jul 28 2011 7:38 AM

I am using Application Library Caching in my project. I have four Custom DLL that is referenced in my Silverlight project and created extmap file for two dll only. So the two custom DLL are kept outside the XAP file and the other two are kept inside the XAP file.

But all the four Custom DLL are dependent on each other. Will this scenario work or not work ?

My AppManifest.XAML file will look like below.

<Deployment xmlns="" xmlns:x="" EntryPointAssembly="LorAppMaternitySLUI" EntryPointType="LorAppManageFetalBBUI.App" RuntimeVersion="4.0.50826.0">
    <AssemblyPart x:Name="LorAppMaternitySLUI" Source="LorAppMaternitySLUI.dll" />
    <AssemblyPart x:Name="Microsoft.Practices.Composite" Source="Microsoft.Practices.Composite.dll" />
    <AssemblyPart x:Name="Microsoft.Practices.Composite.Presentation" Source="Microsoft.Practices.Composite.Presentation.dll" />
    <ExtensionPart Source="" />
    <ExtensionPart Source="" />

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