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Arrange table and limit on the table property

Jun 8 2022 12:16 PM

please help i want to make this type of table see below :

A1 is the table A2 Is second table and so on its only 1 field table but when i try to make this type of table they will not break after A6.i am using mvc c#.

my try:

i want to break the table after A6 i am share the code below i am very thankful to u please help its urgent.

@foreach (var Item in Model)
    <table class="col-md-offset-12" style="border:solid; color:black; margin-left:25px; ">
                <td style="background-color: greenyellow; color: black; margin-left: 25px">
                    @Item.plot_name <img src="~/Content/images/simple-house-NxE5a78-600-removebg-preview.png" height="40" width="40" />



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